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part time bookeeping

Your marketing program will need to be adjusted if you plan to continue your current employment while building your accounting business. To begin with you will need to seek out clients among people you already have a relationship with. These will include friends, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers. For more information on how to market to these prospects see a great article at the link below. is a general job board centered around remote work. On the board, you can find work for any experience level, from entry-level to professional CPA or CFA.

As a bookkeeper with the company, you’ll perform or assist with tasks such as journal entries, monthly closes and financial reporting. You may also get to test the waters in other areas, given the wide range of services the firm offers.

Client Services Accountant (Kennesaw, GA)

Invoicing customers, issuing credit memos, and coding to the correct IS/BS accounts. Daily reconciliation between bank and customer accounts. Position will analyze financial results, evaluate drivers for operational results and business performance and identify areas of opportunity.

  • Many part-time bookkeeping jobs are found at non-profit organizations and religious groups.
  • Positions are all full-time W2 roles with accompanying benefits.
  • We are looking for a pert time Bookkeeper, with At Least 1-2 years’ experience.
  • A stay-at-home bookkeeper is responsible for keeping the financial records of a business in excellent shape.
  • We specialize in serving small- to medium-size businesses and non-profits.

Based in Canada, AIS Solutions is a 100% remote bookkeeping firm. It primarily offers bookkeeping services to accounting firms, e-commerce stores, health and wellness companies and home service businesses. Additionally, it helps its clients set up their accounting software and move to Quickbooks. Welcome to the Bookkeeping remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs page!

Part Time Bookkeeper

Taking on an entry-level bookkeeping job can allow you to focus on learning the business without juggling the demands of another job. According to Glassdoor, an assistant bookkeeper makes an average base pay of $17 an hour. For example, Intuit, a company that sells popular accounting software TurboTax and QuickBooks, offers two training programs on Coursera for free. The first, Bookkeeping Basics, is designed to teach you the ropes as a beginner. It has a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 322 reviews. The second, Intuit Bookkeeping Professional Certificate, is a bit more technical and has a score of 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 369 reviews.

See all coursesCertified professionals make 10% more money & hold higher positions. Nationally, there are about 1.6 million bookkeeping and accounting clerks, earning slightly less on average than in Oregon. Usually, national wages are higher than in Oregon for many occupations. The U.S. forecast for bookkeeping and accounting clerks is a decline of 3%, which means about 48,100 jobs will be lost by 2030. From the first week, we started learning bookkeeping basics as well as the business side of things. And within 3 weeks I had started working on my website.

We curate the best digital jobs for those looking to start their telecommuting career.

The former is more suited to newer bookkeepers with a bit of experience, while the latter seeks a much more experienced candidate. Today, there are plenty of bookkeeping-specific firms that operate at least partially online. Moreover, many of these firms are nearly always hiring more bookkeepers since they can serve clients anywhere in the world. Personal mobile devices including Desktop, Notebooks, Smartphone and Smartwatch are approved to be used for organization purpose. During the working hours, only the company software/apps will be used by the employees on the organization’s hardware. This policy is applicable to software obtained in a hardware package or as the pre-loaded software. Tax Goddess Business PC, IT Policy and Procedure Manual provides the procedures and policies for the selection and use of IT within the organization.

Can you make a living as a bookkeeper?

The average full-time bookkeeper earns nearly $40,000 per year (almost $19 an hour), according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports. But Robinson pointed out that as a freelancer or contractor, you can actually earn a higher hourly rate while working fewer hours.

Are you unable to find a satisfying remote-based job in the field of accounting and finance? Check out the latest and greatest remote positions that pay well in bookkeeping, finance, and accounting. ProProject Bookkeeping is a niche, bookkeeping company providing virtual bookkeeping and project accounting services to companies in project-based industries. Some of the current companies we work with are in the event planning, broadcast production, design, and construction industries. Traditionally, bookkeepers are the professionals charged with creating and tracking financial documents for the company they work for.

Weekly Hours

Today she balances several successful online ventures and loves to share her passion for home business with others. Knowing who you serve and what sets you apart will help you nail your marketing. You will be able to speak directly to your ideal client and use words that attract them to your business. Also, don’t make the mistake of discussing details about your client’s books with others. This information is absolutely not fodder for your blog posts or social media feed – unless you have express written permission. You could also consider setting up a separate email account and having your client send everything to that email. As an online bookkeeper, you will be working with digital copies of the paperwork.

part time bookeeping

The biggest site for finding remote, work-from-home jobs, both full-time and part-time for your skillset. The trained researchers at FlexJobs hand-screen job listings to eliminate ads and scams found on other sites. Find everything from entry-level to executive positions at FlexJobs.

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The role of the ubiquitous bookkeeping software is to organize and process the data, but the decision making based on all that data will ultimately remain with skilled and shrewd humans. In spite of the slowing or declining trends in Oregon and the nation, those with a passion for numbers and books will be able to find good employment prospects. A certain level of bookkeeping skills may be included in other job descriptions, and is particularly crucial for managers and business owners. Ingrid believes that bookkeepers will remain a key part of business operations, but their role must change and expand. Finances are still and will always be fundamental to any business.

However, all NACPB courses are self-guided, so you could realistically complete any course in less time. Since these courses are fairly short, they may not be be enough to help you launch a career right away, but you can get your feet wet and see if bookkeeping is a potential fit. Look for job opportunities, both “near me” and remote. The right candidate will be passionate about accountancy and strive to deliver an excellent service to our ever-expanding client base. SimplyHired also offers tools and resources to help its users find better jobs and maximize their chances of landing work.

So, even if you’re working flexible hours, you still need to have a rigid time management system. Established in 2005, the company offers business solutions, increasing sales performance, internet marketing, business coaching, accounting and tax advice, and exit planning. Get a solid grip on your finances with our accounting and bookkeeping services. We can prepare easy to understand financial statements, help manage part time bookeeping cash flow and more. Small Business Accounting is a full-service firm that assists individuals and businesses in Phoenix. The firm carries out bookkeeping and accounting solutions such as bank account reconciliation, general ledger cleanup, and balance sheet generation. Its bookkeepers analyze trends and provide recommendations, identify lost checks, manage funds and cash flow, and track revenues and expenses.

part time bookeeping

To be a successful online bookkeeper, you need to be able to make a connection with your clients. They need to be able to trust you with their finances. If you’ve got your site up and running, you must set a target for how many prospective clients you’ll reach each day. However, you can work at your own pace while building your customer base. Census Bureau 2016 data, there were about 11 million stay-at-home parents.

You will also need a dedicated internet connection and landline phone. For this role, it’s common for bookkeepers to set up a home office or an area with a desk and chair where they can handle calls.

You will be performing daily accounting tasks such as monthly financial reporting, general ledger entries, and record payments and adjustments. When you’re looking for a remote job as an accountant, you’ll find opportunities that are with accounting firms as well as jobs posted with individual companies. One job will probably have you working with several clients, whereas if you’re hired by an individual company, that company will be the only work you do. One of the commercial accounting services we provide is a thorough assessment of your internal control systems to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your operating procedures. We make recommendations based on our observations to strengthen your company and improve short and long-term outlooks.

They will also be required to make their own tax payments and make sure their business remains in compliance with local and state law. This post details how to start a bookkeeping business, and find and grow clients.

  • The Accounting Coordinator is responsible for overseeing the financials and fostering the relationship with the client.
  • The company also offers outsourced payroll services, which include quarterly filings, monthly withholding payments, and year-end W-2 forms.
  • Looking for a senior bookkeeper for a part-time position.
  • That could involve AP/AR, transaction entry, reconciliations, financial reporting and interacting with clients or other team members.
  • One of the most popular work-from-home jobs is as a bookkeeper.
  • E.g., manager -director means return search results for the term ‘manager’ but NOT when the term ‘director’ is present.
  • Every business needs to maintain accurate financial records, but business owners don’t always want to do the bookkeeping themselves.

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